EDTECH 592 – Portfolio


The portfolio is required for students in the Master of Education Technology (M.E.T.) program who enrolled Fall 2008 and after. This is a three unit course taken in your last semester in the program. In the course, you will be compiling various artifacts and reflective statements that demonstrate your achievement of competencies in the program. Your portfolio will presented to, and evaluated by, your faculty committee. Here is the course description:A broad-based selection of significant student work that is used to appraise student performance and professional development. A portfolio reflects the depth and breadth of a student’s educational growth since entering the graduate program. Portfolios may include, but are not limited to, classroom examinations, journals, writing samples, publishable scholarship, professional projects, annotated bibliographies, and artistic endeavors. Graded pass/fail only.This course is taken at the end of the M.E.T program after the Application for Admission to Candidacy form has been submitted and approved. Departmental permission is required to register for this course. Please complete the online Portfolio Application to obtain a permission number prior to registration.

Fall 2014

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