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Module 3 Reflection

March 17th, 2014

At the beginning of this semester I did what I always do and look ahead at the projects and assignments that I will do over the course of the semester. I’m always a little overwhelmed by research papers. I know it is odd since I am a writer and English teacher but research papers have always given me trouble. I over think them and create a lot of anxiety. That anxiety always lasts until I get started and I feel that the creation of this annotated bibliography has helped me get over that anxiety. I have found a topic and already started doing research. I didn’t get to thoroughly read all of the resources that I found, but I have many that now will help synthesize a discussion about community building being a key to a successful online course. I’m excited about it and looking forward to the next module as I begin to delve deeper and start writing. I’m also excited about the peer review process. Throughout my undergraduate career, I participated in many writing workshops. Many of those workshops were for various creative writing courses. I’ve always felt that the workshop or peer review is an effective and useful way to hone writing. I’ve used it many times in my own classes that I facilitated a well. I’ve always been interested in building the community. In my professional work training agents online to provide technical support over the phone, one of the areas that I focus on is breaking the walls that agents put up. I take a group of people from all over the country who have never met and turning them into a community by breaking their walls and drawing them out. I do a lot of things, but my environment is mostly synchronous and does not suffer from all of the issues that the asynchronous environment can. As, I don’t plan on staying in my corporate position indefinitely, I am very interested in building a learning community form groups of people who meet asynchronously. If I were doing a Master’s thesis or if I do a doctoral dissertation one day, this would be my area of focus. How to best create the community and the direct and measurable benefits to student learning.

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