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Module 1 Reflection

February 10th, 2014

I currently train adult learners in a corporate setting.  I work from home and my learners are learning from home.  I provide synchronous lessons through Adobe Connect.  In my case the technology (internet, Adobe Connect, and other communication tools) was implemented for the sake of expanding the workforce and connecting with more potential employees.  My company provides telephone technical support for customers of a national company.  There are physical sites throughout the U.S. but turnover can be high in a call center and sometimes the recruiting pool is not very large.  By expanding operation to a work-at-home environment, the application pool is larger and more diversified, but this has presented some challenges.

The project has suffered from poor planning and implementation of policies and procedures.  Often, as the instructor, I spend a good deal of time helping my agents deal with and solve technical issues.  In the world of bring your own device, my company does not provide the equipment.  Each employee must provide their own computer and interact with the company VPN through a company provided USB disk that houses the operating system.  This USB disk suffers problems and is still in the testing stages.  It is frustrating now when training a class, but at the same time, I am on the ground floor and am helping to create the change needed to bring the program to a better position.

This is my last semester in the EDTECH program before completing my portfolio.  I’ve attempted this course two other times but have had to withdraw due to medical issues.  I have the benefit, at this point, of quite a few classes and can be of better assistance at work.  Using policies and practices in this program, I have helped design processes and instruction to help agents struggling with the tech side of work.  In a national large program like this, teaching the tech is needed.  Many people come to the company with little or no knowledge of the tech they use to do their job.  Many of the trainers in the program don’t know the tech that well either.

Looking at the material for this module, I can’t help but ponder what used to be considered educational technology advancements.  Take the pencil for example.  This is such a commonplace item now.  Everyone knows how to use it, but when it was first introduced in the classroom, it’s hard for me to imagine using it for the first time.  This is a similar feeling that I have now.  I worked my way to trainer in my company in a traditional brick and mortar site.  I trained in a traditional classroom for over a year.  It has been a big change for me when I started working from home.  I’ve had to adjust and interact with my equipment in ways that I haven’t before.  I’ve had to create processes and procedures for myself that I turn around and teach to other trainers and agents.  We’re still in the formative stage now, but we are growing and discovering a lot of best practices.

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