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Rich Media Tutorial – Adobe Connect: A Look at Some Convenient Pods for Beginning Hosts

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Adobe Connect: A Look at Some Convenient Pods for Beginning Hosts from Fabio Cominotti on Vimeo.

I decided to create a tutorial that demonstrates how to use the basic ancillary pods in Adobe Connect.  As an instructor of adult learners online, I use this every day to conduct classroom sessions.  My presentation is called Adobe Connect: A Look at Some Convenient Pods for Beginning Hosts.  I used Adobe Connect.  Since the Adobe server that I use regularly is confidential and owned by my employer, I signed up for a free trial of Connect.  It’s full featured and lasts for thirty days.  I also used Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 to create the slides and CC search to scour the web for creative commons images to use on the slides.  For the actual recording and video production, I used Camtasia.  I really like the simplicity and power of the software.  It also provides a free thirty-day trial.

I created the tutorial by recording my screen and from my webcam simultaneously.  I’ve never done this before and I was very pleased with Camtasia’s built in ability to do this.  I really liked how I could move my video window around when producing the video based upon where on the screen I was.  I produced my movie into an MP$ format and uploaded it to Vimeo (  I also embedded the Vimeo video here on my learning log blog.  I used a few instructional design principles.  First I made sure that the information on my slides wasn’t overwhelming and outlines what I wanted to get across.  I then expanded on the subjects as I progressed through the slides.  This allowed for dual channel learning.  I also provided visually narrated demonstrations on how to use the various pods in hopes to drive my point home.  I chose to give actual demonstrations rather than simply using screenshots.  Visually, I tried to use design elements like opposing and contrasting colors and avoiding overloading the slides with text.  I feel that the presentation is a visually appealing representation.   I used a number of skills like public speaking, movie editing, and design skills.

I learned the value of practice and preparation.  I started the video about 15 times without any scripts or notes before finally pausing and writing out a script and flowchart with notes about what I wanted to say and when.  I still deviated from the script, but it reduced my nerves and let me remain calm while recording.  This really helped when I recorded the final video so that I didn’t have to do a lot of intensive editing (which I don’t really have the patience for.)   In the future when producing videos, I will take the time to create a script and story-board before attempting any recording.  As, I have some projects at work, demonstrating features of Adobe Connect, this skill will come in handy.


I also posted this to YouTube.

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