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EDTECH 522 – Online Learning Tools Presentation

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For a number of years, I’ve been interested in integrating Facebook into classroom activities and education.  It has so many potential uses and advantages.  It can be used in place of a traditional LMS like Moodle and Blackboard.  It has some advantages over those LMSs as well.  The biggest advantage is that it is simpler and intuitive.  Facebook has spent large amounts of money to tailor their interface so that is simple to learn by simply using it.  It is far simpler to use than Moodle (which isn’t all that difficult for the student, but on the instructor end—not as easy) and Blackboard.  Its look and feel are familiar and comfortable for most people since many already have a Facebook account.  That brings up the second major advantage.  Its widespread adoption and use.  There would be virtually no need to spend much time at all teaching students and instructors to use it since they use it already.  There are many already created tutorials published throughout the web about how to use Facebook.  Simple curation and aggregation should be enough to overcome any learning gaps for system use.  Plus the overhead for learning institutions is very low since Facebook creates and maintains the servers and equipment.  There is not need to maintain or hire a staff to monitor the servers and systems.

Facebook can already perform most of the major functions of an LMS and does so in a way that is simple and just makes sense to millions of users worldwide as well as students participating in online courses every semester.  Take a look at my PowerPoint presentation attached to this post for the main points, advantages, and disadvantages.

I’ve also created a sample Facebook Course here called Memoir – Blending the Lines Between What Happened and Imagination .  Feel free to take a look..

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Module 3 Reflection

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I enjoyed this module.  It gave me the opportunity to look through and revisit many online tools that I’ve been interested in or have used before.  I looked at Twitter,, Diggio, Facebook, Prezi, and Voicethread.  I also delved into Pinterest a little as wells as Edmodo and Learnist.  All of these sites provide services and tools that could be very beneficial to education.  Adults learn differently than adolescents and need to have clear goals.  It helps if the tools are intuitive.  From my experience teaching adults, the more they have to learn to actually use the tools, the more difficult it can be to gain buy in.  I’ve found that most people that I interact with use or are familiar with Facebook.  Even my grandmother uses Facebook.  I decided to spend my time exploring all of Facebook’s many tools and features.  About a year ago I created a group on Facebook hoping to get a writers together to share writing and give feedback.  Well it didn’t work out, but it did give a vehicle to explore the tools that Facebook offers.  It really is impressive.  I started to see many feature that full blown LMSs offer.  File uploads, messaging live and asynchronous chat and discussions.  Video and photo sharing and video calling are all present.  I am really excited.  Facebook offers so many possibilities for adults.


I think that the biggest advantage for adult learners is ease of use and familiarity.  Adults, when in a comfortable place learn better.  Facebook gives them that comfort—that familiarity.  It gives them the tools they need to succeed.