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Social Network Learning Course Reflection

December 10th, 2012

When I first enrolled in this course, I was very excited. I have been and am still very interested in bringing the power of social networking to education and the classroom. I had been looking at utilizing Facebook as a means of announcements, disseminating homework information, and as a student support network. Facebook and other social network sites have the power of being nearly universally known. Many current students already make use of these sites, so the overhead of teaching them how to use it is virtually non-existent.

I had a Twitter account coming into this class and a Diigo account.  I never used them though.  I thought them to be a waste of time.  And even most of the way through this course I didn’t feel that Diigo was much different than Scoop.it.  I’ve learned a lot about the power of Twitter, Scoop.it, and Diigo.  These tools, with Facebook are something that I will incorporate into any online course that I conduct and even into a regular classroom should I ever teach in one again.

Twitter is perfect for announcements and other types of quick information sharing and idea sharing. I had scorned Twitter.  The only reason that I even had an account was because of EDTECH 501.  It required it.  I like Twitter so much now and so excited about its potential that I have the app on my phone’s home screen.  I check it multiple times daily.

Curation is a topic and practice that I had always done, but never realized that I did.  I curated such a variety of topics from information on video game story lines to technical information on PHP scripting.  I collected links and even whole articles and stored them in folders on my hard drives.  My collections soon became unmanageable.  However with the wealth of curation tools including Diigo and Scoop.it, I’m excited to begin using them to help organize my mass of information hoarding.  I’m excited to teach others to use these tools as well.  I didn’t understand their worth at first but see it now.  I’ve practically fallen in love with Scoop.it.  Its only real drawback is its limitation on the number of topics you can have.

Now for the best part of this course and what I enjoyed the most – the MOOC.  I didn’t know that these existed.   I love this idea.  I’m a lifelong learner.  I learn to learn and I don’t care what it is as long as it interests me and stimulates my brain.  MOOCs are awesome and I can’t wait to delve more into this fascinating area and possible even conduct a few.  I’d really love to take part in the one that I designed and others that I saw my peers start and design. I may not make an entire course into a MOOC, but I definitely will add aspects of MOOCs into my courses.

This entire semester, I’ve enjoyed the various social networking tools that we’ve used and the information about digital footprints.  It’s been a great course and I’ve loved every minute of it.  Social media and networking have such powerful sharing and community building platforms already in place.  It’s silly that mainstream education has not fully harnessed their power yet, however I see improvement and the road heading that way.


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