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Podcast Project – The Modern Classroom Episode 1 – AirPlay

March 19th, 2012

The Modern Classroom is a podcast designed to promote ideas and technology to enhance the classroom experience either online or in a traditional room. The first episode focuses on Apple’s AirPlay technology and its potential uses in a classroom especially a classroom that does not have an interactive whiteboard. It discusses what AirPlay is and some of its potential uses from allowing more mobility for the instructor to enhanced classroom control. It also talks about costs and some other possible uses for AirPlay devices that can be utilized in the classroom. Please enjoy Episode 1 – AirPlay.

This project address AECT standard 1 – Design in the sense that the podcast had to be designed according to specific criteria and the design had to incorporate some message.  In this particular case, the message was designed to convey some ides to add some inexpensive technology to increase interactivity in a traditional classroom.  The design of the message address Sub-standard 1.2 – Message design.

This project also addresses the development standard (AECT Standard 2) in the sense that it had to be developed over the course of time using various technologies and tools.  It addresses sub-standard 2.3 – Computer based technologies since it was created and designed using a computer and the internet.


Standards Addressed

S1 – Design – Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to design conditions for learning by applying principles of instructional systems design, message design, instructional strategies, and learner characteristics.

  • 1.2 Message Design – Message design involves planning for the manipulation of the physical form of the message.

S2 – Development – Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to develop instructional materials and experiences using print, audiovisual, computer-based, and integrated technologies.

  • 2.3 Computer Based Technologies – Computer-based technologies are ways to produce or deliver materials using microprocessor-based resources.
  • 2.4 Integrated Technologies – Integrated technologies are ways to produce and deliver materials which encompass several forms of media under the control of a computer.



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