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My name if Fabio Cominotti.  I currently do not teach, but I have taught 10th, 11th, and 12th grade English as well as, creative writing, journalism, and publications.  I also coached the speech and debate team and headed the drama club which, last year, wrote and produced an original play.  It was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, I declined the renewal contract in order to move back to Southeastern Idaho to be closer to my three-year-old daughter.  She is my world.  I plan to return to the classroom (either brick and mortar, or on-line–preferably on-line) as soon as I can.  The job market seems to be flooded with qualified applicants right now.  I”m substituting in my local high schools and middle schools though.

I’ve had experience with technology for most of my life.  I worked as a PC technician for a year and, at one time, majored in computer science.  I’m well versed with Windows and Linux systems, web publishing, various types of hardware and software.  I love technology and try and stay up to date with new developments.  During my brief tenure teaching, i used an iPad to control an interactive white board while delivering lessons.  I loved that experience.

I enjoy reading (duh, I’m an English teacher), good well written movies and television (anything that moves me to emotion of some sort–really the same goes for writing as well), video games, my daughter, my friends, and good stimulating conversation.  I love science fiction an fantasy.  I believe that both genres are a medium in which writers can inspire change in the world without causing anger and resentment.  The best movies that I’ve seen or books that I’ve read do this.  It has a special place in my heart.

My daughter is my world.  She means everything to me and I want to further my education in order to provide her with more opportunities in her life.  However, I miss the daily interaction with students.  Maybe it was because it was my first year, or maybe it was because I spent a large amount of time with a good number of students due to class time and extracurricular activities, or maybe it was either of those reasons, but I miss my students.  It was difficult to leave them behind in Wyoming and it’s difficult to know that they are back in school and under the care of someone else.

The image below best describes how I see myself.  It is a linked image and the link can be found under the image.  It is Atlas upon whom the weight of the world rests (according to the ancient Greeks).  Now I don’t think that I am that significant, but I feel that I carry the weight of world of those that I love and care about.  My friends and family come to me with their problems and I listen and give advice sometimes, but mostly just listen.  I’m probably wrong, but I feel that I help them and this makes me happy.  I would gladly bear this weight for any that I love.

Well that’s me in a meager few words.  I look forward to the semester and getting to know each of you a little better.

Fabio Cominotti

Atlas holding the weight of the world

Link to picture

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