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Publications in the Field of Educational Technology

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The field of educational technology is vast and covers many different areas. The number of publications, journals, and websites that are available that cover educational technology is just as vast. A simple Google search for educational technology yields over 69 million results. That is a vast and murky bog to wade through, however there are a number of indexes and directories that can assist with narrowing down the selection to a manageable number as well as weeding out the less credible sites and journals. One of these directories is the Educational Software Directory (2010). This site lists many websites, publications, software, tech tools, and journals. The directory lists thirty different scholarly journals that publish peer-reviewed research studies from all over the globe including Australia, The United States, and Great Britain. There are wide number of other directories. A search for educational technology publications or educational technology directories will yield many results.

There are a number of e-magazines and print magazines that cover issues and new trends in educational technology. EDTECH Magazine provides articles and opinion pieces about EDTECH and offers several different focuses including higher education and K-12 education. There are many such magazines and websites that offer similar content.

When it comes to peer-reviewed research journals, the availability is not as large, but still respectable. (“Educational technology journals,” 2008) lists journals published in Australia, Great Britain, Canada, The United States, and other countries. There are journals that focus on a specific topic like computer assisted language learning. There are journals that publish studies pertaining to computers in the schools. The categories go on.

When it comes to publications for and pertaining to educational technology, the possibilities are virtually endless and range from publications that try to encompass the entire field to publications and journals that narrow the focus down to a specific type of technology. There are research base, peer reviewed journals throughout the world and there are more typical magazine format publications with articles and editorials. The bottom line is that there are resources out there in the form of publications, it just depends on what purpose needs to be fulfilled.

5 Sites that I found the most beneficial:

  1. I discovered the site, Educational Software (2010) was a good place to start looking and finding my way through the bog. Under its publications tab, there is a list of a number of different publications that focus on educational technology including a sub-section listing scholarly journals that provide peer reviewed studies pertaining to the field of educational technology. Most of these journals and publications require a membership or subscription, however they do have some that do not.
  2. Another good site that is the International Society for Technology in Education (2010). This site is a vast resource for educational technology tools and books as well as news and event listings.
  3. Tech and Learning (2010) offers reviews of many educational technology products as well as forums discussing current Edtech issues and blogs from current leaders in the educational technology field.
  4. EDTECH Magazine (2010) has a number of articles and opinion pieces focusing on the use of educational technology in the area of high education. It has a little bit for everyone from teachers to IT administrators. Another version of EDTECH Magazine (2010) focuses on the K-12 system
  5. The Educause review (2010) features many articles dealing with educational technology and the open source movement. It is a great place to keep up on current educational technology issues and projects.


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